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Welcome to VBO Designs, as you can tell we've expanded our offerings with the addition of the new site. This separate sister site is to showcase our Print and Media works.

For years we've built web sites while also handling other client needs for Logo designs, Print Ads, Brochures, Slick sheets, Business Cards, Hero (autograph cards), T-shirt, Apparel designs and more. We now do so much of that type of work, we needed a way to display those works in their own site.



At VBODesigns we offer our clients options to fit their exact web needs such as...
Complete Web Site Development!
Complete Web Site Hosting!
Web Site Maintenance Plans!
Flash Design for Web site, banners and more!
Shopping Carts and Secure Hosting!
Online Forums & Blogs!
SU (Start Up) Site Plans!

On Call "For our clients..."
At VBO we work on a first name basis with our clients. We handle as much of the site "work load" as possible for every client, from domain names administration, search engine listings, right down to the web site advertising and hosting -for every client.

We've even been known to help repair computers by phone in an emergency or virus situation! Our clients are free to contact us anytime they need us for about anything that we might be able to assist them with!

Q. You seem to do many motorsports based web sites, is that all you do?

A. Our family background is in motorsports, so we do build many motorsports based sites, but we've done and can do about any type of site you may need! Over the years we've built a diverse list of site types, from wedding photography sites, real-estate sites, to a Munchkin kitty site (-a cat with really-really short legs!)

Q. Why is there no phone number available to contact you about a site design?

A. We've found that by having new clients contact us by e-mail first, really helps to filter out those that aren't really interested in getting a site from VBO, but just want to find out how we do our site effects and artwork on our site designs. We prefer to spend our time working with our clients rather than just fielding questions from amateur web designers or those just wanting to know our "tricks of the trade" and prices. Serious visitors get our contact information in the first reply from us!

Q. VBO sites look expensive, how expensive are they?

A. This is the number one question we get from our visitors! We treat all of our clients the same, whether it's a new business just starting, or a small driver web site, to the largest e-commerce site, -we go easy on the wallet. Over the years we've developed basically two site design packages, that allow even the smallest budget to be able to have a site built and maintained by VBO. We've got clients who have been with us for over ten years, if they hired us today to build their first site, the charge would be within 25% of what they would have paid ten years ago!

Q. How long does it take to get a site built?

A. If we have everything we need "in hand" to build your web site, the waiting time for us to do our work is roughly a month before it can go "live". We rarely put a time stamp on our design times though, since we will work on your site until it is what we consider an impressive piece!

Q. Do we have to have hire a photographer to take our photos?

A. We rarely use professional images, nearly every photo you see on our site designs has been taken by the client! We, by hand retouch every single image we receive for a site build or site update. Even the best image can be improved on by computer manipulation.

Q. If we went with VBO today, how long before you would start on our site design?

A. We routinely work on up to 3-4 site designs at the same time. Years ago we built one site at a time, nowadays we work together with the client gathering or supplying information, while the VBO staff share the work in different areas of a site design.

Q. What if we need something built very quickly, can you fit in site designs in an emergency?

A. Our clients are most important to us, we will make every effort to fit you in. We've had to do this many times over the years, for example when a new product is developed and needs to be online quickly or when new clients have lost their existing site or had other major issues and they turn to us.

To request a price quote to fit your web site or store needs, E-mail us a note right here!

Our newest efforts -recently completed client sites!
The New "Foundation" Web Site package now available from VBO!
This package is geared to the small businesses needing a quality site with an online presence WITH an e-commerce store to go with it - all in one package without site maintenance!
(Foundation site package also available without store)
See The All New Site as an example of this new Foundation Package!


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To request a price quote to fit your web site needs, E-mail us a note right here! We'll respond with our contact phone numbers and answer any questions you may have!

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