VBO hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00 Friday 8:00-12:00   Now in our 16th year Designing Web Sites!  

Welcome to VBO Designs past design area! As many years as we have been building sites, we were bound to lose a few clients over the years. Even though they may not be online anymore -we are still proud of what we built for them while they were with us!

At VBODesigns we offer our clients options to fit their exact web needs such as...
Complete Web Site Development!
Complete Web Site Hosting!
Web Site Maintenance Plans!
Flash Design for Web site, banners and more!
Shopping Carts and Secure Hosting!
Online Forums & Blogs!
SU (Start Up) Site Plans!

On Call "For our clients..."
At VBO we work on a first name basis with our clients. We handle as much of the site "work load" as possible for every client, from domain names administration, search engine listings, right down to the web site advertising and hosting -for every client.

We've even been known to help repair computers by phone in an emergency or virus situation! Our clients are free to contact us anytime they need us for about anything that we might be able to assist them with!

(Below are past VBO site designs that are no longer online)

To request a price quote to fit your web site needs, E-mail us a note right here! We'll respond with our contact phone numbers and answer any questions you may have!

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